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Thank you for your interest in OmniCADD Fire Protection Software, which we believe to be the finest product in the fire protection industry available today. Since 1988, when OmniCADD was incorporated, we have had world wide recognition as a company that has led the sprinkler industry into a new age of accuracy, productivity and greater profits.

Hardware or Software Lock Options
Beginning February 1, 2011, OmniCADD users can select the option to run the Program with either a hardware or software lock.
Renting or Owning OmniCADD Software Options
Beginning February 1, 2011, OmniCADD users have the option to rent or purchase the software.
OmniCADD SDS Object Enabler
If you are an AutoCAD user and are working with a drawing created with OmniCADD SDS Software, you will need to download and install OmniCADD SDS Object Enabler, in order to correctly display OmniCADD SDS custom objects.
Windows information
OmniCADD Fire Protection Software works in Windows. Detailed information and limitations are described here.
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