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Thank you for your interest in OmniCADD® Sprinkler Design Software, which we believe to be the finest product in the fire protection industry available today!

Since 1988 when OmniCADD® was incorporated we have had world wide recognition as a company that has led the sprinkler industry into a new age of accuracy, productivity, and greater profits.

The OmniCADD® Sprinkler Design Software (OmniCADD® SDS) was developed to help engineers quickly design, price and hydraulically calculate sprinkler systems for commercial buildings. This program takes advantage of the open architecture of AutoCAD by working within it to automate the entire process of the sprinkler system design, and the generation of construction documents. With OmniCADD® SDS, you can revise drawings quickly and update the database of information that is contained within it. Use of this software requires a basic understanding of Windows and AutoCAD operations.

OmniCADD® Hydraulic Calculation Software (OmniCADD® HCS) is the next step in the family of Computer Aided Design Software developed by OmniCADD® Inc. for Fire Protection Engineers. OmniCADD® HCS can work as a standalone Hydraulic Calculation Package or as the part of OmniCADD® SDS. As a standalone package OmniCADD® HCS is the perfect program for fire protection contractors, engineers, consultants, insurance companies, etc.

OmniCADD® Stocklisting and Fabrication (OmniCADD® SLE) is a powerful tool for extracting or updating stocklisting projects from the OmniCADD® SDS drawing files. It is based on OmniCADD Master Database for materials, pricing information, manufacturer and distributor information including part numbers. You can visually edit welded pipes, use fast and accurate fabrication procedure which will take into account even scrap piping from previous jobs into optimization process. All pipe labels created and printed on the fly.

Again, Thank you for your interest in our products and services. If you have any unanswered questions please call our highly qualified staff members.

Domenick Tirabassi Jr.,
President, OmniCADD®, Inc.