OmniCADD Inc.

OmniCADD Objects Enabler for
AutoCAD 2000-2012 : July 4, 2011

This program is provided royalty-free for AutoCAD users who do not have OmniCADD Sprinkler Design Software and need access to OmniCADD Objects inside drawings created by OmniCADD SDS users.

By installing this program, the user will not receive the "Proxy objects found" message when opening drawings created by the OmniCADD SDS program. However, the user will not be able to create new OmniCADD Objects.

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Installation Instructions

  1. Run OmniCADDObjectsEnablerSetup.exe.
    Alternatively, you can save this file to your computer and then run the saved file.
  2. Select versions of the OmniCADD support files needed.
  3. Click the Install button to install OmniCADD support files.
  4. Click the UnInstall button to remove OmniCADD support files.

Click here to download OmniCADDObjectsEnablerSetup.exe (file size 372,736 bytes)